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Whether its roofing, roof restoration, roof cleaning, roof painting, metal roofing, re- roofing, roof replacement or roof repairs; SRS - Roof Restoration Mitchell Park has the solution to ensure your roof looks as good as new.

Your roof protects your home & family from the ever changing and often harsh weather conditions that we often face in Adelaide, so it makes good sense to restore your roof and keep it in good condition. Roof restoration dramatically improves the appearance or curb appeal of your home and is the best way to protect your roof from more severe damage that will result in costly repairs or more damage to your home. With the quality and range of modern materials now on the market, you can have a restored roof that offers even greater protection from the elements than you original roof.


The Roof Restoration process basically involves the cleaning – repairing – re-sealing and re-painting / re-colouring of concrete roofing tiles. Faded Colourbond roofs and un-glazed terracotta roofs may also benefit from this application.

In some cases it’s not always possible to simply repair a damaged roof. There may be little benefit in restoring or repairing a roof, often due to its age, a patch up job done previously or some other undetected problem. Replacing such a roof with a new one will give you peace of mind that your money is not wasted on repairing something that adds little to no benefit.

One of our team from SRS - Roof Restoration Mitchell Park will take you through the details and reasons for this major job and give you detailed costings. If your problem can be fixed by re-ridging, broken tile replacement, pressure cleaning or re-painting, We will advise you and supply a quote.

At SRS - Roof Restoration Mitchell Park we actively work with our clients to ensure that the entire project is completed to a high professional standard and our customers’ requirements are all satisfied. Roof restoration services are what we do best. No job is too big or too difficult. At SRS - Roof Restoration Mitchell Park we pride ourselves on our professionalism and high work standards while always delivering projects on time and within budgets.

Our experienced, helpful roofing team will carry out a thorough site survey and help you select the best solution for your home or business taking into account the style of building, the environment and the seasonal conditions in your area.

A roof replacement provides an effective way to transform and upgrade your old roof to new again. Our large range of options and styles, along with over 35 years industry experience makes Star Rating Solutions the best when it comes to the highest quality, roof restoration.

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Roof Restoration
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